Bombay Bicycle Club kick started their amazing set at Plymouth Pavilions with How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep. The venue disappeared into darkness as the band crept upon stage and smoothly began playing behind a luminous curtain. Jack Steadman executed the vocals into what seemed a perfect mix as the tension rose. The line “Could you bag me up?” ended as the curtain dropped and the band started their immense set.

Being in the crowd was almost dangerous with crazed fans screaming as they jumped up and down, all whilst in the midst of Bombay’s odd emotional control.

The talent the band portrayed was extremely efficient. All the gaps were filled as well as every note being clear and crisp, all coming together to create an improvised expression within the live act.Being a member of the audience gave me the feel that I was hearing the music in the exact way they wanted to play it.

As a band the four piece are clearly close. Between songs Steadman (vocals) and MacCol (guitar) shared friendly banter and engaged the crowd by explaining how excited they were to be in Plymouth. Bombay showed that they had nothing to hide, pouncing around the stage like they had just won the “road to v” all over again.

The Confidence of the act was not a matter, they were not cocky but simply comfortable. No doubts were allowed and nothing else than their all was given.
Set list:
1. How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
2. Your Eyes
3. Dust On The Ground
4. Bad Timing
5. Open House
6. Leave It
7. What You Want
8. Lights Out, Words Gone
9. Rinse Me Down
10. Ivy & Gold
11. Evening/Morning
12. Cancel On Me
13. Lamplight
14. Beggars
15. Still
16. Beg
17. Always Like This
18. The Giantess/Emergency Contraception Blues

What If

After eighteen songs of pure expression and heart, each song still ended with a band full of smiles and a crowd screaming for more, as if the few seconds of quiet was too long to wait between songs. Finally they left the stage leaving the cheering crowd behind. The cheering only got louder as the encore was demanded rather fluently, causing Bombay to come back on and perform the best song of the night, being my personal favourite and the song that got the biggest response, “What If”.

Everyone knew they only had a few minutes left of this unique band and hell they got the most of it. With drinks launched forward, friends left behind and toes tramped on everyone came together to get the most of the time they had left. The Pavilions spacious arena was full of fans in a sort of pillow fight moshpit, completely harmless fun with beautifully executed music to drive it.

Overall I can happily say I will be seeing Bombay again, they have their own style and relate-able music which is complex due to the bands supreme music ability. As individuals each member of the band is as enthused as the other, coming out the back of the venue to meet fans and to show their appreciation. Even drinking with the lucky ones.