Bombay Bicycle Club kick start their new tour at Cambridge Corn Exchange on the 15th April. This is a band that’s hard not to like, especially when they look like your little brother and his cute scruffy-haired jumper-clad mates. Jumpers and hair aside, only four years in and three albums later, they have gained a very respectable and loyal fan base.

With hints of The Killers, a touch of Vampire Weekend and sometimes veering somewhere towards Mumford and Sons, these lads are evolving their own sound and rightly so. Bouncy, melodic and folky with fans who jump rather than hands-in-pocket indie-shuffle.

They have a busy few months ahead with festivals and dates all over Europe. I don’t think they will be having a break anytime soon. So while they’re working their socks off, if you haven’t seen them before, go on… go and see them. Or at least have a look at ‘A Different Kind of Fix’. You may not remember what they look like but you will remember their songs.

I caught them after their last tour backstage at the Artrocker awards when they won the “Band of the Year” award. Below is what a very tired guitarist Jamie MacColl had to say about his vision for the band in 2012. Watch out all you Belgians and beware the strong sarcasm in this audio!