The Thirst met with us last week in their hometown of Brixton, to talk all things music!

The four members, Mensah, Marcus, Kwame and Mark, you can tell from the off are more than anything great friends as well as bandmates.

Recognised for their musical talent by stars like Ronnie Wood and Noel Gallagher to name a few, they have put in the groundwork to get to where they are today. Having previously been signed to Ronnie Woods label, toured with the likes of Pete Doherty and the Sex Pistols, their CV is more than impressive!

Inspired by Prince and Jimi Hendrix, The Thirst refuse to be put in a box or make music which doesn't reflect what they are about. The sound they call ‘electric-groove’ encompasses a mix of their original rock sound with funk and soul.

With their first EP 'Laugh with the Sinners' out last year showcasing the electric groove sound and also free to download, the second part of the EP 'Cry with the Saints' is out this year and is a must listen without a doubt!

Watch our interview with them below and their amazing track 'Set it Alight'.... - 'Laugh with the Sinners' - Free Download now!