Future Of The Left Get It Right - Yesterday saw the release of the first single from Welsh rock band Future of the Left’s new album. And what a single!

The song - sheena is a t-shirt salesman - is a dirty, thrashed, fast-paced rock tune that will coax a smile from fans of the band. Future of the Left have packed some fantastic lyrics into the song’s short two minute running time, which bring an unexpected melodic and pop feel to this otherwise guitar-heavy mix. This was apparently always the aim of the band when recording began for their third studio album.

In an XFM interview singer and guitarist Andy Falkous told XFM that he wanted to ‘channel the spirit of Freddy Mercury through Slayer’s backline’ - intriguing sales pitch.

This ecliptic mix of genres will clearly shine when performed live and does a fantastic job of enticing the release of the new album, The Plot Against Common Sense which is scheduled to appear on shelves May 28th.

In conjunction with the single, the band will be unveiling their new website www.futureoftheleft.net - finally deciding that they are too big for free blogging sites and myspace.

The Plot Against Common Sense is the band’s fourth album, and the first without bass guitarist Kelson Mathias who left the band in May 2010. Mathias announced his department on the Future of the Left official myspace page.

To find out more about the upcoming singles, tour dates and disputes by the band, keep a close eye on www.futureoftheleftv2now.blogspot.com and, of course, www.music-news.com