Gary Numan hardly needs an introduction as the pioneer and godfather of electronica. Creative and experimental, Numan is and was the epitome of cool. Foo Fighters and Nine Inch Nails, to name but a few, have hailed Gary as one of their overriding influences.

In this very candid backstage interview, Gary talks about his life both inside and outside the music industry. Gary Numan discusses life on tour and missing his family but also how the music industry has treated him - he is not stuck in the 80’s, so why are we? He also reflects on winning his recent Legend Award at the Artrocker’s and how he still loves being in the business after all this time.

In the middle of recording his new album Splinter, Gary will be on the Machine Music tour starting in May going all the way through to June. If you’re an avid fan or film maker, you can get involved in the up- coming tour. Fans are being encouraged to make visuals that will be projected during a selection of tracks.

The full interview is below.