Influences of This Many Boyfriends include American rockers Weezer, Velvet Underground and Paul Simon. Paul Simon in particular, with Richard Boyfriend writing a song about him!

On first listen, it’s easy to recognise the strong indie influence throughout the song. Starling provides a charismatic and well composed guitar and drum combination, despite the song only lasting for less than 3 minutes. With an accelerated drum beat and a strong guitar influence, Starling is slightly reminiscent of the style of fellow Yorkshire rockers, The Pigeon Detectives.

The only criticism of the Starling is the singer (Richard Boyfriend) slightly mundane voice throughout. Unfortunately he doesn’t keep up to the same pace and tone that the instruments so masterfully provide. Otherwise Starling could be an encouraging breakthrough track….

However, this isn’t the case for the backing track on the single CD. ‘Just Saying’, the accompanying song follows suit with the energy levels of Starling despite its slightly heavier sound. Unlike Starling, Richard Boyfriend seems to get a better feel for the song, resulting in a stronger vocal influence on the B-side. The similarities with Starling continue, as the length of the song is diminutive even with a wonderful collaboration between the sound of the guitar and drums throughout.

Unfortunately, despite the lack of genuine indie talent around nowadays, in a world controlled by commercial music, This many boyfriends sound quite similar to various other up and coming bands on the circuit. Nevertheless, they have a great sound and are certainly one to keep an eye on in the future….