A couple of years ago there seemed to be a significant shift in the musical firmament. It was becoming ok for people with real voices to write songs that could be played on real instruments and didn't rely on electronic trickery for singers to put them over.
This EP is a case in point: big, busting soul numbers sung by a lady with a massive voice and capable of subtlety and softness when the song demands it. Bit of a treat this one!

Jade herself is a classic white-soul merchant in the Dusty Springfield or Beth Hart (dare I say Adele?) and every now and again there is a little touch of a London accent showing through but she trills beautifully on 'What If' and on 'Female Intuition' she holds the vocal with power and real clarity.

My only negative on this is that it is all pitched at the same dynamic range and I feel that a lot more could be done with a voice like hers. The songs all seem to start with a sub-Nirvana guitar liner as well but that is nit-picking as they are laying a platform for her to leap off on.

Jade will make it, either as a solo artist or as lead vocalist in another band but this is a good place to kick off from