With their previous single ‘Sail’ reaching #30 in the US Billboards, AWOLNATION have been getting themselves out there as much as possible. Especially with ‘Sail’ being given extra attention when it was used under a video of the professional BASE jump, skydiver, and wing suit flyer Jeb Corliss, and its feature on a television advert for US medical drama House. This meant they had to work even harder on their latest single ‘Not your fault’.

And even though some would class them as alternative indie, it’s safe to say they are styling their own off-cut genre of electro-rock. Which may sound a little cheesy, but you’d be surprised.

Although this slightly contradicts my previous “electro-rock statement” – The verses on the new single do sound a little bit too much like generic indie music. But it’s up to those who can’t bare indie music to decide whether they can wait through 47 seconds of the song for the rather impressive chorus - Which mixes the perfect blend of guitar, vocals and synth.

This song definitely seems like a crowd pleaser – and will have fans rushing out to get their hands on the band’s debut album: ‘Megalithic Symphony’