Mike Marlin has been a singer/songwriter for over 30 years, which really shows in his work.

He claims his influence’s to be David Bowie, Johnny Cash and Elbow. And with his voice being remarkably to similar to Bowies, it’s almost as if it’s Ziggy Stardust himself singing on the album.

The album ‘Man on the ground’ is Marlins second album and he has certainly refined his sound a lot more.

Each track is almost like a narrative with a calming backing track, with lyrics being very deep and original. And with Marlins smooth voice, this is one of those albums you could fall asleep too.

The track ‘Steve McQueen’, about the man himself is a very melodic, relaxing tune. With the brilliant lyrics ‘What can we do, without you, the king of cool?’

The further you travel through this album, the more beautiful the songs become. With a stunning duet featuring Eleanor McEvoy on the track ‘Travel the world’. And although the song features a very sombre sound, there’s something about it that brings a smile to your face.

Mike Marlin really captures life in his music, with each song being an epic ballad that caresses your ears with calming sounds of his guitar.

Marlin’s work has been extremely under-rated and this album is definitely proof of that.