After releasing a promising single earlier in the year (acclaimed by myself), The Chakras finally release their long awaiting debut album Build Me a Swan. Delivering honest, heartfelt indie, The Chakras have lived up to their promising billing with their LP.

Starting off with the soft-toned Movement the band immediately grab your attention with a well crafted keyboard based number, combining elements of Keane & Snow Patrol on the way but managing to steer clear of letting their influences define the group. The bands ability to create different songs throughout the album as the next track Build Me a Swan is guitar based, sounding similar to so many great contemporaries but delivered in such a way The Chakras truly stand out on their own.

The whole album is a great body of work, offering constant subtle variations that make the album flow perfectly. The slow tempo’d Nothing is Forgotten is the standout from the LP, although to be frank anything from Build Me a Swan could claim this title.

Whilst its often a difficult feat to merge guitar and keyboard in a way that doesn’t sound a little forced, The Chakras have cracked it and can stand tall amongst all of the alternative rock world. For a debut album this can easily complete with the Coldplays of this world and with the right promotion expect The Chakras to be making major waves in mainstream music very soon. All indie, alternative rock and keyboard based music fans will adore this album, cough up a tenner and enjoy one of the best albums of 2011.