CKY, the American ‘alternative metal’ band featuring Jesse Margera (brother of Jackass’ Bam Margera) on drums, have released their version of the dreaded outtakes release. What might be surprising is that it is actually quite good.

CKY, or Camp Kill Yourself, as they were originally known, formed in 1998 and this collection comprises of previously unreleased and out-of-print recordings. In fact, fans of the band can rejoice at the fact that of the 12 tracks on the record, 5 haven’t been released previously, 5 are from their 1999 album Volume 2 (their soundtrack to Landspeed Presents: CKY), one from their debut Volume 1, and the only single from the collection, ‘Afterworld’, originally from the Jackass 3D soundtrack.

Unsurprisingly from a band so closely associated with Jackass and their crew, the lyrics don’t express any massively deep messages. However, the majority of the songs here are a lot of fun. Especially fun is their parody of ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ titled here ‘Santa’s Coming’. Sounding like a cross between a So-Cal cover of the original and something altogether other-worldly, with vocals from the bowels, possibly of Hell, it’s a fun track on an album full of them.

In fact, the main issue with the record comes from the plodding drum beat from the aforementioned Mr. Margera. It isn’t that the songs require any massive variation in tempo at all, but variation generally is a good thing, and on first listen, this is what is lacking, especially from the drums. But, as you give the album more time the songs will start growing on you. Where the band really shines is in their pseudo-acoustic performances, and they are the real standouts here.

This manages to avoid the typical outtake/remix formula, and the songs are actually quite good given time. Not an out and out classic by any means, but well worth a listen nevertheless.