There’s a lot to be said for bands that can fill venues on a summer evening. Tonight, not only is it outdoor-drinking weather but we’re in the midst of extended bank holiday frivolity – this being a club night means it’s early doors too. Impressively, Islington’s O2 Academy is brimming with metal fans by 7pm, a fair few emblazoned with headliner Delain’s name, and the majority seem geared up for penultimate band Serenity.

The Austrian five-piece are on the road peddling album number three, Death and Legacy, which has garnered critical acclaim and further buoyed their status in symphonic metal circles. Suitably, the setlist comprises songs from this recent release – predecessor Fallen Sanctuary getting an almost equal look-in, with its single Velatum gaining the loudest approval – and even at support-slot length, it manages to sound epic.

Serenity’s unassuming and jovial stage presence kind of belies their musical dominance, where a powerful, tight rhythm section meets exquisite cadences. Perhaps what really elevates them tonight is their choral range, which has been extended and fortified by new bassist Fabio D’Amore. Led by the distinguishable sound of Georg Neuhauser, pictured, this lot pretty much have all vocal bases covered, more so with the guest appearance of Lisa Middelhauve (ex-Xandria). Middelhauve duets with Neuhauser on the beautiful, billowing Fairytales and the riff-fuelled Serenade of Flames – intriguingly, the recorded version features Delain’s Charlotte Wessels.

Keeping their promise of bringing massive hooks and high quality melodic metal to the stage, Serenity's solid set, although lacking any real stand-out moments, was absolutely worth staying inside for.

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