Whitesnake’s Forevermore represents the 11th studio album from this veteran English hard rock band. It’s been three years since the group last released a full-length album, and was last heard on 2008’s Good to be Bad. This recording has been two years in the making, as the act began working on ideas for the record just a year after Good to be Bad came out. Results reveal how such early seasoning has paid off for the band.

Lead vocalist David Coverdale sounds to be in fine form throughout the album. Although the disc's title track bleeds a bit into Led Zeppelin epic rock territory, rockers like “Steal Your Heart Away” are built upon simple, yet sturdy, heavy metal lust. Coverdale vows to beg, borrow or steal the love of a girl. He needs some good lovin’, and he wants it right now! Guitarist Doug Aldrich, who co-wrote all 13 songs with Coverdale, fills out these gut-busting sing-alongs with hefty six-string guitar riffs.

Listening to a 59-year-old man chase chicks like an animal on the prowl ought to give you an entirely different impression of AARP-aged rock & rollers. Coverdale and his boys aren’t ready for the rocking chair quite yet. The album includes one song called “My Evil Ways,” which finds Coverdale admitting, “I can’t change my evil ways.” Santana may have begged a girl to change her evil ways, but Coverdale is still evil after all these years, and darn proud of it, too. Guys that have been rocking all these years just must not know any better after a while.

Sure, you can listen to this music and see it as stunted growth. After all, This Is Spinal Tap is based upon hundreds of true stories. However, it could be worse; Coverdale could be wasting his time butchering jazz standards the way Rod Stewart does it these days. If Coverdale has his way, he’ll be rocking out like a teenager forevermore.

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