My first impression when listening to The Plea is that the band is destined for big things. Their debut single of I Am The Miracle might not offer anything fresh to the indie genre, but it contains all the catchy hooks you would normally associate with the likes of Oasis. The end result is more infectious than the T Virus.

Once thing you instantly notice from The Plea is how well produced their first release is, which is down to experienced producer Chris Potter to is renowned for working with Indie’s best, including U2, Blur and The Verve. Perhaps The Plea will eventually follow in their footsteps, and I Am The Miracle is certainly a strong start.

Even the b-side to their single shows plenty of promise, with Praise Be being guitar laden and acting as the perfect complement to their single. It might only be two tracks from the band, but it is enough to get excited about. The group don’t seem short on confidence nor talent and with an album due out in the near future, they’re well worth keeping an eye on.

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