There are, literally, thousands of young songwriters around who think that the ability to string a couple of meaningful sentences together makes them a ‘talent’ but there are probably less than one tenth of one percent who actually have any spark that makes you want to listen to their songs and who manage to get over the emotion and the thoughts that they are feeling. From the first moment of ‘The Words’ you know that you are listening to something special – maybe top 1 percent of that tenth of 1 percent.

She has a lovely alto voice and the song itself is a delicious piece of work with resonances of Melanie and James Taylor but a feeling of real warmth and real meaning behind the lyrics. ‘Joanna’ is similarly a beautiful song with a sense of melancholy and loss without any excessive emotional wrench.

Ellen Woloshin really is one of the best singer/sonwriters around at the moment and this is well up there with her best work.