“Steve Heron. He’s some guy like. He’s dynamic and he likes a checked shirt to himself. One of his eyes is dark brown, the other is light brown. He loves to make risqué jokes at highly inappropriate times, and one time, he accidentally smashed his nose whilst taking his belt off his jeans - that’s him and his story in a nutshell.”

This is how Scottish musician Steve Heron describes himself, but it takes just one listen of new album ‘Honest One’ to reveal a lot more about this artist. Although ‘Honest One’ is a solo project by Steve Heron, the album is creatively filled with the sounds of a whole band, and is an exciting exploration of style and unique tang.

‘Honest One’ fuses together a plethora of different genres, but one clear theme resounds through the whole album: the twang of 80s punk rock can clearly be heard in say 60% of the album. If The Jam, REM, The Clash or Ian Dury create a style you crave, Steve Heron’s ‘Honest One’ will be a happy reinvention of this sound musical taste for you.

No song adopts the punk-rock status more than ‘To Be Sad’. With this track, Steve juxtaposes the common theme with his strong Scottish vocals, creating a sultry deviation from the Strummer/Weller-esque expectations from such a comparison. ‘Golden Boy’ also takes on a very clear punk-rock feel with a marching band like consistency through beats. ‘Golden Boy’ demonstrates a catchiness that dominates all the big tracks on the album.

Whilst the upbeat, vintage-punk anthems are certainly the highlight of the album, ‘Jig Saw’ is a cheeky acoustic number completely deviant from the other tracks. ‘Jig Saw’ is a refreshing break, focusing purely on the charming qualities of Steve’s vocals. The crucial track of ‘Honest One’ however has to be ‘Eleanor’ - a perfect definition of catchy and a beautiful round up of what Steve Heron is all about.

‘Honest One’ by Steve Heron is available now, and is for sure a must have album for 2011. For more information, live dates and all news on Steve Heron, visit: www.myspace.com/stevoheron, soundcloud.com/steveheron , www.youtube.com/user/steveheronmusic and www.twitter.com/stevejheron