This single by Scotland’s Chris Lee-Mar is corny, sugar sweet and absolutely lovely. Like mince pies or Xmas cake if you have enough it is gorgeous but too much and you get that sickly feeling at the back of your throat – this is ‘just enough’.

Esperi is a multi-instrumentalist and sings gently and with a whispery and caring tone and this double ‘A’ sided single is similarly gentle and warming. The scope is small and constrained and his voice hardly gets above a whisper while the music is both simple and complex with a simple melody and just the right amount of instrumentation around it.
The aural equivalent of sitting in a darkened room with the TV off, a real wood fire, a hot and warming toddy and your best love snuggled up to you.

This is absolutely the best thing I have heard this winter

Made For Life is being released via Olive Grove Records as a double A-Side. There will be 50 beautifully handcrafted Limited Edition CDs made available upon its release on the 13th December