Public Enemy whipped up a nostalgic trip, performing live for one night only at the IndigO2 venue with old skool style as only these original hip-hop musos know how.

Bring on the original US frontmen; Flavor Flav, Chuck D and the S1Ws’ taskforce; Pop Diesel, Brother Michael, James Bomb alongside the talented DJ Lord.

The original 80s hip-hop legends kicked off with the classic faves including; ‘Can’t Truss It’, ‘Believe The Hype’, ‘Fight The Power’, ‘Rebel Without a Pause’, ‘Brothers Gonna Work It Out’, and ‘Welcome to the Terrordome’.

In true Flavor Flav style with ye ol’ familiar trademark clock and charm drawing us in, Public Enemy’s brand leader, Flavor Flav, 50 and Chuck D, 51, pumped up the energy to a hyped up crowd. Support from Sway, 28, added a contemporary hip-hop twist from this UK artist.

Add a bluesman finger-plucking on his Fender, a spotlight performance from DJ Lord and this was a night to see these classic, talented professionals finely tuned on their 23rd year in the industry......