I do not always agree with covers of genuine classics – if you play them straight you run the risk of being lost into the original and if you make a genuinely personal version you run the equal risk of offending those who made the original such a classic originally. In the case of a Beatles number this is even more the case and in the case of George Harrison’s finest ever work even more again.

On the other hand Ms Woloshin has made a version of the song that is so heart-achingly beautiful and so brilliantly ‘un-saccharine’ that you simply cannot do other than applaud her sheer class.
She has a delightful alto voice and a purity of tone that is rare today and while her guitar playing is excellent she is clever enough to avoid making this a guitar number – it is the words and the emotion that makes this a classic.

There are very few current songwriters and singers that are confident enough to just play good songs without trickery and she really does have something special – the ‘B’ side ‘Let It Go Now’ could have been a Laura Nyro number – yes that good.