This band are simply getting better every time I hear anything with their name on it,
They create massive soundscapes full of densty and colour and there are so many strands to their sound that you would go mad trying to pick them apart.

Their myspace page claims all sorts of influences but they really don’t sound like anyone else – one of those rare bands who are genuinely original. Overall their sound is complex but there is also a delicious lack of overt power but in a very strong manner.

‘Here Comes The Light’ is full of horns and strings with David McLachlan intoning and the guitars and synths and everything else creating a shimmering world of hope. ‘Hope Grace’ is altogether more sparse but the synths are whirling and the guitar lines are superb. ‘Sheltered Life’ begins small and builds slowly into a gospelly dirge with a wonderful organ sound but it is on the fourth track here, ‘Holy Slow Train’, that all of the strands come together and give us a dark and wonderful Doors-esque shamanic rumble – one of the tracks of the year as far as I am concerned.

These guys are superb musicians and the production and mix are of similar quality.
If there is anyone else capable of the integrity of this musical vision at the moment I would love to hear them.