The best moments on this album are absolutely sublime. The opener, ‘This Could Get Dangerous’, a delicious piece of funk/Blues that also features some great harp by Huey Lewis and the massive power of the title track where the band, tempered by some delightful sax work from Ron Holloway (Dizzy Gillespie’s sax player), rock out and deliver a brilliant number with a terrific vocal from Allman.
‘Salvation’ is an old fashioned Blues ballad, again featuring Ron Holloway’s sax playing, both sensitive and sleazy at the same time.

All through the playing is excellent with Allman’s guitar flexible but fluid and his vocals throaty and deep and he is supported brilliantly by George Potsos on bass and Gabriel Strange on drums. They can blast out the power but they can also do the sensitive as they do on the pretty ‘Bleu Est Le Vide’, a solo pice for Allman on acoustic guitar, or ‘Warm In Wintertime’, a real old-fashioned love-power-ballad with strings by Bobby Yang.
‘I’m Ready’ ratchets up the pace some with funky guitar and belting percussion as does the monstrous ‘Take Me To The Bridge’.

The album closes with ‘Insh’ Allah’, brooding and hypnotic guitar pattern and Micky Hart styled drums and leaving the listener wishing for more

All told an excellent album and one that might just push Honeytribe to the next level.