Philadelphia duo Chiddy Bang are back with their first album (or should that be mini-album?). Following success with tracks like ‘Opposite of Adults’ and ‘Truth’ plus current single ‘The Good Life’ the signs are good, and MC Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege and DJ Noah "Xaphoon Jones" Beresin don’t fail to deliver. It maybe short, but the Preview is a stunning Hip Hop album that takes the genre forward in leaps and bounds.

The merging of big commercial samples with beats and their distinctive rap style creates a fresh, imaginative and thoroughly listenable album. Two previous singles Truth and opposite of Adults are the two strongest track on here, but don’t let that point you off, as these are both master class tracks that would be hard to trump, sampling Passion Pit and MGMT respectively.

The Good Life is a more laid back track, but works well as a gentle opener to The Preview. ‘Here We Go’ features Q-Tip and steps up the pace of the album, whilst ‘All Things Go’ is built around a child choir (thing Pink Floyd’s The Wall!!) – very catchy!! ‘Nothing On Me’ sees the boys slow it down and strip it back with just some beats and the rap for much of the track – a catchy female backing sample cuts in towards the end.

Bad Boys sees an interesting collaboration with Darwin Deez; adding a new vocal collaboration to the chorus as the boys moan about their bad days – although it is mightily catchy and surely a future single. ‘Old Ways’ closes it all down with a slightly more old skool feel to the track – no big samples just the boys music and vocals along with a piano backed chorus. Gentler closing track, ending like it started.

The Preview is a great introduction to Chiddy bang and a real good taster to 2011 planned full album The Swelly Life.