Following Glastonbury and Big Chill appearances, the Easy Star All Stars release Dubber Side Of The Moon, the ultimate collection of versions of their reggae smash Dub Side Of The Moon. Comprising the exact 9 track order from both the Pink Floyd original and Dub Side, Dubber Side features a diverse selection of spaced-out dub and bottom-heavy remixes, plus 4 four extra bonus tracks. This time, it is revisited by a select number of well-respected, legendary producers such as Adrian Sherwood, Dreadzone, Mad Professor.

The idea of picking a selection of dub influenced producers to reinterpret Dub Side of the Moon spawned from the band’s intense tour schedule, as they were continually being exposed to new dub and reggae offshoots all over the world: “We really wanted to evolve these songs and put them in the hands of producers who might take it in new directions. It seemed like a good way to bring some of this newly developing reggae and dub right into our own music.”

Judging and listening to this album without playing their original Dub Side would be unfair, as seven years after that release, the band have actually evolved and changed the same tracks they released back then. The opening track, Speak To Me/Breathe In The Air, incorporates bass heavy rhythms and combines it with electronic sounds. The fusion of these styles is actually quite good. You wouldn’t have thought so a priori! The same pretty much happens with the Groove Corporation remix of Time.

Any Colour You Like is totally reinvented by Kalbata, who brings a futuristic dubstep hip hop style to it, while Money, remixed by The Alchemist is probably one of the best tracks on the album.

This album is one of those Marmite cases, love it or hate it. It’s something that on paper does not seem a good idea, but when you press the play button it totally works. Great effort. Great remixes. Great album.