Brighton bands generally have a high standard of playing (although not all are necessarily good) and Goodluck Jonathan is above and beyond a lot of their peers from their seaside town. With amazing technical ability and catchy tunes that beg to be played many times, This is Our Way Out is a must have EP for this year.

Filled with dark angst, Goodluck Jonathan sing about growing up, moving away from home and all the dangers that come with it. Bruises Disappear is a heavy rock/borderline mathematical drone based tune with the vocalist whispering through a megaphone. Stranded is softer yet still powerful and My Broken Heart is the song which makes the EP. With heavy guitars and a drummer pummelling away at his skins, the calm, soft vocals of the singer juxtaposes the harshness of the instruments.

Goodluck Jonathan are a great band and when I heard they had an EP coming out I was very excited. This is Our Way Out did not fail to deliver what it promised: full throttle excitement.