Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl is the latest teen TV star to try and cross over to music. She is no Miley or Britney though; instead she's a girl that wants to rock!!

Right from seeing the cover with a young girl in a leather jacket holding a lit cigarette lighter you know this is going to be different. ‘Light Me Up’ contains 10 tracks that primarily show Taylor and co rocking in a sort of Avril Lavigne meets Hole meets Pink mash up. Current single ‘Miss Nothing’ is quite Pink, whereas tracks like 'My Medicine' are grungeier sounding, and looking for some controversy lyrically along the way.

The album is sort of commercial in its sound, although it is quite rocky. There are elements of Blondie and Alanis in here as well; both commercial rock chicks!

‘ Just Tonight’ is definitely one of the stronger tracks on here, after ‘Miss Nothing’, and is surely a contender for future single. Likewise, Teen break-up song – ‘Since You're Gone’ - is another contender withy it's strong riffs and relate-to lyrics. It's not all rock and guitars though (well almost!), as Taylor does close down the 10 tracks with 'You' which is as close to a ballad as you are likely to hear!

‘Light Me Up’ doesn’t really bring anything new musically, however Taylor Momsem has certainly delivered an energy filled album that is aimed at teenagers looking to rock rather than Party in the USA.