It’s not very often a newcoming act offers the musical panorama such a polished product. It’s even less often you come across a song like Feedback. In a pop scene where Lady GaGa is the new queen, it would seem difficult to offer something bravely alternative, but Laura Steel has the solution.

Feedback has it all. It’s cheesy but mature. It’s catchy but not sticky. But more importantly, it’s different to anything in the charts right now. And if you don’t risk, you’ll never win (and if not ask Bowie). It’s electronic dance beat is complemented by Steel’s addictive voice, and then the chorus. Oh, the chorus. That’s when the song really shines: “You gonna find it hard to beat, you wanna turn the other cheek / All of the crazy things they say, who was listening anyway?” It’s frankly difficult to keep your bum still and definitely impossible to hide a cheeky grin: “Feedback, back, back, feedback on this.”

As a result, Feedback is a real song. Real in the sense of authenticity. It’s got the attitude of Pink, the nerve of Kesha, the cheesyness of Katy Perry and it even reminisces the likes of Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Hey, but don’t get me wrong, this musical scramble stands on it’s own. The Sheffield songstress delivers one of the best songs this summer, so remember her name, she’s here to stay.

Feedback is available from August the 8th.