Ex-Black Sabbath and Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes talks with me after the Heaven and Hell – A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio concert, during which he performed. Sitting in a wicker chair inside an open tent and with countless other journalists waiting to ask him some questions, Hughes is polite, soft-spoken and understandably a little emotional.

What are your thoughts of tonight’s concert?

Glenn Hughes:
Oh you know, tonight was a celebration for Ronnie. I don’t want people to think that this was the end, because these guys I played with, we are all good friends. What we will do in the future, we don’t know. But tonight we have done our official tribute to Ronnie as Heaven And Hell.

If you all are good friends, there’s got to be some future plans eventually…

Maybe each of us, or separately, will graciously give our time to Ronnie’s charity and also do other things. But I wanted to come here tonight to celebrate the magical Ronnie James and to let people know that there is a trust fund (‘Stand Up and Shout’ Cancer Charity), so that people can get involved. I like to think it’s giving back.

Different generations were assembled tonight, older and young fans alike.

It’s great to see young teens sing the songs, and then guys and ‘girls’ in their forties and fifties, too. It’s generational in metal and rock music, if you know. You go to any concert in Timbuktu or wherever, and you see the generational pulp.

Tell me a little about your new band Black Country Communion.

The band was formed in November secretively, during a gig I played in LA with Joe (Bonamassa). Producer Kevin Shirley was there and he said “Let’s form a band tonight! Get Jason (Bonham) and Derek (Sherinian) on the phone’ and, ok. The next morning we have a band with four guys and Kevin said, “Glenn, you got five weeks to write four or five songs, because Joe is busy. And come up with a name by Christmas!” So I had a heavy, heavy thing to do. But I like to work under the gun; I like pressure. Not all the time of course. But I think when you and the fans will listen to it, they’ll hear an album that is made by fate. Some things are made by fate, do you know? I am here to tell you that rock n’ roll lives in this body. And that you are very sweet.

Thank you. I look forward to listening to the album.

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(Photo of Glenn Hughes by © John Rahim)