These curious thoughts are two lads who write and compose music over the Internet. They have to work this way as one lives in Kent in the UK and the other lives in Detroit in the USA. Jamie the English lad writes the lyrics and emails them to Sean the American lad who puts them to music.

The title track 'The sun burns holes’ is a bit hard on the ears at first as it has a cacophony of underwater sound effects as well as some interesting vocal exercises. After a few listens though you understand what is going on and it becomes quite a fun experience.

'Arctic Heart Attack’ is a very different kettle of fish. It reminds me of Early REM and has a great foot tapping feel to it, the vocals are a little rough around the edges but this adds to the feel of the song rather than detracting from it.

'Collapse’ is yet another animal and the difference in production is very evident making this disc sound like a collection of singles rather than one work of art. But this is something that will grow with time and experience. Of the three songs this is my favourite with narrative lyrics and beautiful accompanying music it really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand out. The only thing spoiling it is the rather abrupt ending.

This is a promising CD and hopefully we will see more of these two in the future.