London-based outfit Night By Night are blessed with qualities rarely found amongst the current rock scene: while many bands simply count on their sex appeal rather than their skill, Night By Night possess both – in spades. Praised by the global press as 'a force to be reckoned with', the band is bound to impress fans on a global scale, too (they’ve already toured Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and Switzerland). In addition, the mere fact that they played support slots for legends The Quireboys and London After Midnight (to name but a few) should erase any last trace of doubt.

Fronted by Sisters Of Mercy guitarist Ben Christo, the quartet furthermore consists of second guitarist Iain Frisk, bassist Jonny Thornton and drummer Moyano El Buffalo (now there’s a name for a band!).

Their sound is best described as melodic and classic rock with a contemporary twist, emphasised by intense guitar riffs, catchy vocal harmonies and a production that is proof of the band’s superb craftsmanship. Formed in 2008, Night By Night have just released their new EP 'Can’t Walk Away’ (produced by Romesh Dodangoda of Bullet For My Valentine fame).

The EP (available to download from iTunes) delights with three tracks - the title track 'Can’t Walk Away’, as well as 'The Moment’ and 'It’s Not Faith’. Each song bursts with an anthem-like chorus, much in the vein of bands such as Europe, early Cinderella and Def Leppard. There are more edgy elements, too, akin to Mötley Crüe or even L.A. Guns. Especially 'It’s Not Faith’ with its upbeat rocking guitar intro is bound to be a crowd-pleaser during the band’s many live concerts.

The lads describe their music as 'songs that come to life in darkness', hence the name Night By Night. However, I beg to differ. Their songs come to life and make you feel alive regardless whether it’s dusk or dawn.

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