Manky Bastard has quickly become the hottest event in Edinburgh, bringing not only the best bands to the stage, but also the guarantee of a musically-dramatic, seriously entertaining evening. Performing tonight for the manky crowd is the beautiful Pearl and the Puppets, with support from Make Sparks and Boycotts.

Up first are Boycotts, a fun-pop, Topshop-chic line up, with a stunning female lead. Stina Twee adds her gorgeous vocals to a delectably fashionable performance this evening; complete with boisterous tunes and quirky pop numbers. Boycotts are not a touch on our headlining act, but they are certainly a fiery start to the Manky Bastard set.

On next are Make Sparks, fusing another fantastic vocal performance with the best of Scottish pop music. Make Sparks give off a slight Del Amitri feel, but also a Parka-esque, energetically elegant, all-round fantastic sound that will leave you smiling for days. Make Sparks stirred up a lot of hype before their set, and tonight did nothing less than justify their time under the Manky Bastard spotlight.

Headlining this evening is quite possibly the best act to grace the Manky Bastard stage; it’s the increasingly popular and brilliantly unique Pearl and the Puppets. Pearl, aka Katie Sutherland, delights the crowd with charming performances of big hits 'Because I Do’, 'Make Me Smile’, and 'Mango Tree’. Her band give the music a fuller and livelier sound, but her solo performance of Kings of Leon belter 'Use Somebody’ shows off her individual talent, and creates the highlight of her set.

And so the mankiest show in town closes it’s doors on another great performance from the best of Scotland unsigned, but fear not citizens of Edinburgh, the manky ride will be back to thrill, for Manky Bastard will always be at the core of dirty good rock gigs in the city.