Beyonce’s 'I am ,Sasha Fierce’ get’s its third UK release, following the original 2008 release and the 2009 Deluxe Edition. This time the Platinum edition has the added bonus of a DVD, and now has all the music on one CD rather than split across two CD’s. Whereas the original release had one CD for Beyonce, and one for her alter-ego – Sasha Fierce – this time the music is all together, and jumbled between the two split personalities. This for me isn’t really a bad thing, and instead mixes up the ballad / mid-tempo sound of Beyonce with the more upbeat sounds of 'Sasha’. There are also 4 new tracks (including a remix of Ego) to entice existing owners of this album.

With 5 hit singles on here, much of the content is already well known. Of the new tracks there is a remix of 'Ego’, a very up-tempo sassy number in 'Why Don’t You Love Me’ and two ballads – 'Save the Hero’ and 'Honesty’. These are two very strong numbers that show ballads really are Beyonce’s forte.

Elsewhere the top tracks on here are 'Halo’, 'Broken Hearted Girl’ 'Sweet Dream’ and 'Smash Into You’; the latter two are up-tempo numbers and probably the only ones that really work for me. This for me signals she is better at ballads on the whole, or that her choice of up-tempo tracks was more limited. Tracks like 'Video Phone’ and 'Diva’ are not strong numbers, and fade into obscurity far too quickly.

A good collection for fans new and old.

1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
2. Diva
3. Ego
4. Halo
5. If I Were A Boy
6. Smash Into You
7. Sweet Dreams
8. Broken Hearted Girl
9. Scared Of Lonely
10. That's Why You're Beautiful
11. Hello
12. Radio
13. Video Phone
14. Ego (Remix) - Beyonce & Kanye West
15. Why Don't You Love Me
16. Honesty
17. Save The Hero
18. Satellites
19. Disappear
20. Ave Maria