This is a high quality release from Exlovers, and one which should make them many friends.

The opener You Forget So Easily is jingly/jangly indie by numbers, which they just about get away with because it does sound quite fresh. New Years Day is a tranquil tune that shows up the band in a more melancholic light. We are back in indie-pop land with Just a Silhouette, which is actually a very good pop song. Incomplete ups the pace, with its new wave sensibilities. The haunting, troubling The Moon Has Spoken finishes things off very nicely, albeit on a darker note.

Exlovers have crafted an excellent EP which amply shows off their various talents. The boy/girl harmonies are intrinsic to the songs, and not just an afterthought. They're versatile, demonstrating that they are as comfortable playing light, jaunty pop, as they are with more sombre material.

True, there’s nothing hear that hasn’t been done or heard before, but when it is done this well, who cares?