I first saw Billy Childish with one of his various bands several years ago. I couldn't quite connect at the time, but liked the stuff I heard. Knew that if I listened again I would get it. You know what I mean? Anyway, it's a few years on now and I've just read a couple of his novels which has prompted me to go and see him again.

Great image. Billy still has the military jacket and walrus moustache. He's not as grumpy as his books might lead you to believe - in fact, he's quite chirpy. Great little mover as well. His female bass player has some sort of historical nurses uniform, including hat. Drummer has some sort of fez. The three of them line up across the front of the stage so we can see all what's going on. Feel the collective energy ! And you do! They do well over an hour of roughly 3 minute Pop songs which have gone through the 60s Garage Rock / 70s Punk blender. The Kinks and Wreckless Eric are lurking somewhere in the vicinity. Great backing vocals from the bass player who we are told is pregnant. Surely that's not the way to treat the staff, Billy?

The crowd are great. They bay for even more after the first encore. I don't know what happens after that - as I head down into the Underground to catch a connecting train which will take me far away. Great evening!