The Fire and I are an indestructible duo with a sound to match, and release this week two new singles to showcase the musical power and sheer rock credibility of the act. ‘Dark in The Shade’ and ‘Just Face It’ are nothing short of a success for The Fire and I and, complete with compelling B-Sides, provide a soundtrack to counterbalance the beautiful autumn leaves.

‘Dark in The Shade’ is a powerful opener with a shouting chorus and fierce drumbeat, capturing the band’s unique style in just one song. Teamed with ‘Left and Right’ and ‘Bullwings’, the band trample on any notions of mellow, and replace with pure noise-rock and an intensely cool sound.

‘Just Face It’ is again a quintessentially brilliant, dark and graceful anthem under the belt for The Fire and I. This single contains the band’s trademark tune and charming metal track ‘Revenge to the Bloody Angel’ as a B-Side. The two releases from Fire and I are a double listening pleasure, a intriguing combination of music and minds.