X factor star Eoghan Quigg first single release ’28,000 friends’ has more teen energy than 8 cans of Redbull. The sugary-fix is short-lived as you slip into a coma of monotonous irritability.

Eoghan’s vocals scream musical and in the cut throat music industry, misguided Eoghan has been led down the plank right into the clutches of the forgotten, with this track. With weak instrumental and percussion, you’d be forgiven in thinking it was recorded on a Fisher Price product.

With the lyrical content of 'YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, IM’ –'Get out of the house’, 'can’t you find some room in your life?’ then with backing vocal spurts of 'ow ow ow’, odds are heavily stacked against Eoghan, in favour of plastic recycling bins.

It is pure bubble gum, no substance, flavour and leaves you desperate to get rid of the sickly aftertaste. Eoghan, you were made for better things,.