Goldie Lookin Chain are back after two years self imposed exile, with a new album that finds them in solid if not spectacular form.

Mr Fahrenheit is a solid rockish opener. Everybody is a DJ is a lyrical hoot being about the fact that technology is killing (killed?) the skill of the DJ. Disguise is an interesting song being a sparse acoustic lead tune, which does have a touch of Beck about it.

The stand out is By Any Means Necessary. It’s a deceptive song that gets better with repeated plays. Apathy brings to mind just that and has a great laid back guitar hook. 3D, like Everybody is a DJ, harks back to a bygone age when the life was simpler and music was carried on a shoulder rather than an inside pocket.

The band brush several musical styles, not all that successfully. The guitar lead Nothing Ever Happens is an apposite title. Lyrically the album's superb as it goes from the absurd – the daft Space Police - to the cutting and harrowing - Unemployed and Overdrawn.

This album is a comfortable release for the band which will please longstanding fans. Though whether they will get beyond their hardcore audience and attract new punters is debatable.