Sarah Whatmore originally rose to fame in the first series of Pop Idol. Although not a winner, Simon Cowell signed her to 19 Recordings (he is also rumored to have asked her to marry him as well).

Following this signing, in 2003 she released two singles "When I Lost You" and "Automatic". Both became Top 20 hits, and all looked rosy for Sarah. She continued writing material for her debut album which was going to be entitled 'Living Proof’, however this never materialised, and Sarah took a prolonged sabbatical.

Late in 2008 Sarah re-surfaced with a new single 'Smile’ which sampled Hall and Oates 'Sarah Smile’; this was followed by current single 'Undefined’. The new album 'Time To Think’ has also just been released.

Time To Think is a collection of songs written by Sarah that will appeal to those who like artists like Lucie Silvas, Vanessa Carlton and even a bit of LeAnn Rimes. The sound is often MoR piano led mid-tempo numbers, all pleasant enough but the singles certainly do stand out from the crowd. 'Undefined’ has a lot more power than much of the rest of the album. 'Somewhere I Belong’ is the opposite to this, with a very haunting feel to it.

Title track 'Time To Think’ has the potential to be a future single, with vocals edging towards Karen Carpenter in places. Likewise 'Surrender’ is quite a powerful track that again could standalone as a single.

Overall it is rather a mixed CD; some good tracks, but just as many that just blend into one another. Sarah Whatmore does have a strong and beautiful voice, but I am not sure this style of music is really her? More contemporary tracks, like 'Smile’ seems to work for her, and I feel she’d do better pursuing this style more.