Punk cannot save the world. Carbon emission free flight, a cure for aids, even a really big bag of mushrooms would temporarily save us from our sins (until the effects wore off, and we all realized were not in fact made of liquorish). But punk? Really?

Yes, actually. In fact by the end of that gig I would have sold a kidney for the 'cause’. Although the scary thing, is that I don’t really know what the cause is. But, reader of mine, I have gone too far and started with the end (we’re all doing it now you know, it’s the thing). Let me explain,

The King Blues are a delightful bunch. Its reggae with a punk kick. One of the most charismatic bands ive ever seen, and with a genuine message to spread. The important part of that being the message, the passion for the music and its writing clearly flows from the belief things can change. This passion is clearly working for them. For a band that a year or so ago was playing to crowds of 30 – 40 their following has snow balled. And not only that, but some of these are pretty hardcore as fans go.

The set itself rocked. There was many a time I had to take a step back to fully appreciate that this was a band that loved what they do, and did it well. The highlight without doubt was the first track of the encore. Just the lead singer entered the stage in front of a gaggle of adrenaline pumped ladies and gents. He then proceeded to treat us to a 5 minute long slice of what can only be describe as a cross between freestyle rap and political street poetry. I was converted.

Now I must confess, I am slightly biased. I have seen these vagabonds before. And they were bloody good. But this time it was different. This time it was sold out, to punkest of the punk, the inner circle. They’ve been the on the radio. People off the street know the words to their songs. I always feel every band reaches a tipping point between good and great, and these are tipping as we speak. Before you know it there wont be a festival portaloo in the land that hasn’t vibrated with Kings sweet sonic tidal waves.

Reggae punk. Punk reggae? Punggae? Who knows. Who cares. Ownership is theft man. Fuck the police. Free the Birmingham 6.And as the King Blues say: 'one love means you would fuck anybody, no matter their race, colour or creed'. Tru Dat.