At last! I've found a new band who've managed to get me to sit up, shake all the Ginsters crumbs off my nutritionally abused torso and have me grinning like I haven't grinned for some years. This album brings together so many sounds, it's hard to begin describing what makes this album what it is. The predominantly electronic thread running through the whole album discharges a series of fantastic grinding bursts through opening track 'Les Malheurs' and draws to an overwhelmingly bass-heavy industrialist pounding during 'Deus Ex Machina' that's so infectious, it'll have you beating the boiler with a tenderiser in no time. This electronic weapon is put to other uses in tracks like 'Keep Me Sane/Insane' where high scaled melodies seep through the pulsing, raw edged rock reminiscent of bands like Sparx, but far more beautiful.

The beauty doesn't end there. 'Bloodless', a black love song filled with so many achingly beautiful musical nuances, that, if played by any other band could easily sound like a bland, lazy summers soul song, sheds the heavy synth for a tinnier beat and brings strings and piano together in such a way as to almost bring a tear to your eye.

Pure Reason Revolution can't impress me more, even if they came round my house and cooked me dinner, I'd already be so beset with fawning admiration for them, I'd take them straight to bed. I'm such a whore.