The Music should be the biggest band in Britain but for one reason or another they have never quite made it to the top. Alas no longer shall this band of brothers be held back, this is a band of unrivalled quality, this is The Music.

Lead single 'Strength in Numbers’ is a rallying call to all those confounded by modern music; you are not alone, The Music feel your pain, The Music are back and they want what’s theirs; the seat at the head of the table.

Their ability to concoct anthemic musical scores is what makes The Music such a breathtaking proposition. Songs like 'Cold Blooded’ reveal the band on bristling form and in 'Spike’ they have a mega hit in the vein of 'The People’, a disco rock tune that gives you no idea of the power waiting in the chorus. Live it moves foundations, on CD its strength is no less apparent.

The lyrics are far more introspective and revealing than ever before, 'Drugs’ sounds like a heartfelt reference to Rob’s old dependencies, also serving as a warning to those who may choose the same path. It’s a storming track with one of the great chorus’s of the album.

The Music spoil us with numerous great tracks, 'The Last One’ will grow on you like the creepers in Jumanji, 'Get Through It’ has an introduction not dissimilar to the Nightrider music, 'The Vision’ sounds like The Police gone disco, 'Idle' is brooding and touching anthem 'Inconceivable Odds' is easily on a par with old favourite 'Bleed From Within'.

Whilst the use of electronics is far more apparent than on previous efforts they still know how to rock, Fire starts at breakneck pace and never lets up with a cracking riff propelled over the top of the kind of tasty groove The Music do so well.

'Strength in Numbers’ is no hark back to a better day, instead The Music have taken their fusion of Led Zeppelin, Stone Roses and The Verve with a liberal dose of disco and brought it bang up to date. This is the sound of a band revitalised and reinvigorated by the music they create; ready to make the world dance as one. The music is dead, long live The Music.