Once in a while I am pleasantly surprised by a performance or by finding a new artist and on Wednesday, instead of watching the footie, I moseyed along to the Green Note in Camden to check out Matt Andersen. Support for the evening was a young man I had never heard before – David 9 – and this was to be my pleasant surprise for the evening because he was excellent and completely unexpected.

David is tall, lean and around about his mid-thirties but he somehow has an air of a much younger and less streetwise performer about him. His voice is good, sure enough, and he plays a fine acoustic guitar and he writes good, amusing and memorable, songs but his performance was more than the combination of these and he delivered a very fine half hour of entertainment. 'Beautiful Day’ and 'Mushroom Tea’ were the standouts and both came with a little homily about the song – he seems very comfortable on stage.

If you are looking for a pigeon hole I guess he would fit into the folk/Blues genre but there are touches of performers like Ben Harper or even Nick Drake about his music.

I will look forward to seeing him again, if only to prove it wasn’t a one-off and if you see him performing anywhere you will be in for a treat.