The voice of a disaffected and disenchanted generation Sam Duckworth, aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, returns to the airwaves with 'Searching for the hows and whys.’ Having progressed into more structured songs on his second release Mr. Duckworth continues to use his music to spread a message.

While traditional pop starts rely more on the music than the lyrics, the folk tinged songs of Get Cape belie a lyrical dexterity belying his 21 years, with a heady, acoustic backing that is able to evoke drama and emotion without taking away from the message.

Throughout the 14 tracks, Duckworth is not afraid to speak his mind and comparisons with Billy Bragg are well deserved – Bragg making an appearance on the interlude. 'I Could Build You a Tower’ in particular focuses on recent events, while 'Better Things’ sees Duckworth team up with Kate Nash to talk about the changing music world.

While 'The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager’ remains more rugged and less rehearsed, 'Searching for the hows and whys’ shows his elevation as an artist.

True, some of the songs sound similar with Duckworth relying predominantly on acoustic guitars and chirping trumpets, with a touch of bass and drum to add immediacy; but the messages ingrained in the lyrics; particularly on live fan favourite 'The Children are (the consumers of) the Future’ make this another solid release from the artist.