'Floods' is the new single from Fightstar, you know, the ones who's singer used to be in Busted! Sorry but I couldn't resist mentioning it !

The thing is though, when they first arrived on the scene, this embarrassing fact was very much a double edged sword in that it provided them with free publicity but for all the wrong reasons.

I remember seeing them at Reading a couple of years back when they first started and from a few boos when they came on stage, they managed to win over the crowd with their melodic brand of heavy rock.

This new song is a great example of their talents, and builds up from a gentle piano intro, into a triumphant chorus, and Charlie's voice really is excellent.

The song was written after the band saw the Al Gore film 'An Inconvenient Truth' which focuses on global warming. For me this is both the most mature and catchy thing I've from them so far, I promise never to mention Charlie Simpson and Busted together again!!