Great to see the return of James Lavelle and his band on their mini tour, a much awaited gig with a crowd hoping to have their ears graced with heavy riffs and quality mixing.

The band opens the gig with the all powerful 'Chemistry’ and the crowd start rocking. A track from 'War stories’, UNKLES’ beefiest album to date provided a great opener and the crowd were rocking straight away, well, near the front anyway. Songs such as 'Broken’ and 'Key to the kingdom’ rings with the edgy, haunting voice of Gavin Clarke (Clayhill, 3 piece folk band) sounds every bit as good as on the album. The rest of the crowd seem to spend the rest of the gig foot tapping with the exception of one over excited man stood to the left who acts like he’s on day release from prison.

A predominantly male crowd observed by the mere fact that there was an actual queue for the gents and not the ladies toilets.

UNKLE attract the kind of crowd which follow the likes of Ian Brown, Richard Ashcroft and company. Sadly their absence from the stage during 'Lonely Soul’ and 'Be There’ left the crowd wanting to actually see the artists perform with this electro rock/crossover act which would have been a magical sight. It seems this treat has been saved for Brixton Academy. Having a performance from Gavin Clarke was the treat for tonight’s audience.

An enjoyable gig all in all, the band and James Lavelle performed with their usually energy and rhythm. However, had it been a weekend night, or much anticipated gig at Brixton Carling Academy this could no doubt have been a roof raiser.