Sacre Coeur is the powerfully moving first release from Tina Dico’s new album (Count To Ten) due out in early February. A tale of lost and found souls under a Parisienne sunset, Dico effects the listener with a subtle, simple, yet beautiful force. Built over a gentle back beat and a wistful piano, it rises into each chorus with passion and sensitivity. The chorus becoming an ever forceful hook with each play.

The Danish singer-songwriter is best known in the UK for her collaborations with trip hop guru’s, Zero 7. In her native Denmark, however, she is known and respected in her own right, with a clutch of Danish music awards including best album in 2004 for Notes, and best female vocalist at the 2006 Danish Music Awards.

Sacre Coeur, and the forthcoming Count To Ten, prove that Dico has the armour to spread her home success across many borders.

Rob Barnett, Music News