A rowdy punk fuelled shouty musical project that’s like the Sex Pistols kicking Test Icicles in the groin and the resulting alarmed sound becoming the result. The track titles are humorously elaborate, and the music is even more fun in a I-want-to-rip-my-clothes-off-and-jump-off-something way. The second track of the album, 'The A Minor Penatonic Scale', rolls along with expertly crafted mayhem occasionally peaking with a yelled out "why is the question, when I don’t want an answer!"

The pitfall that this kind of ramshackle sound can suffer from is that the music can just not be good, but I'm glad to say that Untitled Musical Project continues where the Test Icicles unfortunately gave up. Providing ridiculously over the top frontman vocal hijinks courtesy of Andrew, backed up by memorable choruses that walk the fine line between angry and pisstaking, and thankfully competently made music consisting of head banging riffs by Kieran and bone-shaking drums by James.