The a side of this release from the founder of supposed teen tearaways, Symposium, is going to catch the ear of any fans of The Arcade Fire. Mimicking their wide, hectic sound you’ll be caught by the opening accordion hook that will continue to stick in your head, even as your best friend stomps your face apart for whistling it all the goddamn time.
It’s a nicely thought out ditty, and Wojtek has even thought ahead and thrown in a more quiet bridge for you to wave your lighter along with.

But wait, don’t put your lighter away just yet, you’re going to need it to burn your ears off when the b-side rolls in to ruin everything, sounding like a pub Foo Fighters cover band. Only they’ve decided to play in half time whilst hiding the lack of melody by continually screaming innocuous lyrics through a mundane verse that slides into an infuriatingly boring chorus, pausing only for a confusing bridge before the whole pointless mess falls to an end.

Hopefully, those interested by the a-side will ignore the rest of this release and be drawn into checking out his EP 'Burning Ideals’ released earlier this year.