Bob Dylan himself was the instigator to this project and he licensed Mark Ronson to make the first remix of a Dylan original – 'Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I’ll go mine)’ from 1966 album 'Blonde on Blonde’.Just about everything from that landmark album has been recorded by other performers but never before has Dylan allowed the original to be touched.

I’m not a huge fan of the remix movement but Ronson is one of the more subtle revivers and so it proves here. The original is a jaunty piece with a N’Orleans jazzy beat to it and Ronson has retained the up-tempo feel of the song and Dylan’s superb vocal performance while adding modern licks and riffs to the song. He has done well to leave Dylan’s voice alone as the sneering tone and dismissive lyrics are best in the original but he has surrounded the song with little synth shrieks and repeats and delivers enough difference for a new audience.

Frankly, the original is strong enough to remain the version of choice for anyone old enough to remember it but what has been done here is to make it suitable for today’s dancefloor while not causing any 'Judas’ outpourings.
Worthwhile but not a major piece of work – maybe that comes next?