When you think of British rock 'n’ roll nowadays, you only think about one band, Oasis, but the Manchester boys’ work is waning and perhaps it’s turn of another group to take the crown.

The Nova Saints, originally from Hereford, are one challenger who aren’t going away, if this debut EP is anything to go by.

Sounding like a healthy mix of Hard-fi and Kasabian the now Bristol based five-piece skilfully avoid the monotonous feel of Oasis and carve out their own mark, which is an achievement in the space of four songs.

The EP, produced by Paul Corkett and The Verve’s Nick McCabe, opens with the energetic 'The Draft’, offering layered vocals and an anthemic repeated chorus with a dash of guitar expertise, a benchmark for what’s yet to come.

Slow Down, the best contender for a single release in future, continues on the same theme but doesn’t fall in to the trap of sounding too samey, and the rest of the CD follows suit.

The band has released the EP through it’s own HR4 records, limited to 500 copies, which means you are unlikely to pick this up in your local record shop, but rest assured, if this effort is for a taster for what’s to come, if there’s any justice you should be hearing a lot more from them in the near future.