Foxy frontman Anzi Destruction doesn't exactly remember how glam punk fiends Stereo Junks! formed. But three years ago “somewhere, somehow” bassist Jake Von Junk, guitarist Deville, drummer Rip Radioactive and Destruction got together for the honour of hard boner suicide rock n' roll. Currently chilling at home in Finland following tours in Germany and England Anzi's feeling a little anxious as things seem too quiet. The live chaos will pick up soon, though so Music News invaded the downtime to, at the very least, settle a minor dispute…

MN: Ok, let's clear something up here, you're not really a “Rude Boy” are you? (Music News previously misread the tattoo above his naval as “Rude Boy” when it's actually “Evil Boy”!)

Anzi: I am an evil boy, nasty little kid. You gotta be a little bit evil sometimes to go where you're going and to stand where you stand. But the coin has two sides. I'm very nice; I'm only evil when I have to be evil.

MN: Are you a little bit rude, though?

Anzi: Yeah of course! We are all in situations where you have to be rude otherwise you'll be eaten alive.

MN: You've got a lot of attitude. It's wicked! Where does that come from?

Anzi: Banging my head against the wall. I've always done what I want. Fighting and going through a lot of shit, seeing a lot of stupid idiots and going through many complications. All this has made me very angry... War might end but bullets will never end!

MN: You toured the UK earlier in the year. What did glorious England make of the Stereo Junks!?

Anzi: The whole tour was awesome! It was so great to play in England! We'll definitely be back!

MN: And what did you think of 12 Bar in London? Did it feel like you were playing in an attic?

Anzi: Yeah a little bit! That's one of the weirdest places I've ever played...

MN: You toured India in 2003 which seems quite random. Where exactly did you visit and what was the reaction?

Anzi: Mostly south India. Our drummer Rip got sick so we had to cancel a few gigs in other parts. It was a very pleasant trip, extremely hot! They really like western bands (in India) and some go crazy in concerts, throwing chairs and stuff. We even visited Indian MTV. I have so many stories from there; it would take the whole day to tell ‘em… from the part I remember. (The reaction was) wild as always! In some places they didn't really know what was happening but that's a good reaction, too!

MN: You list The Stones, The Who, New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Sex Pistols, Stooges, Motley Crue and Guns N'Roses as influences. Who (band or individual) is the greatest?

Anzi: It's hard to say ‘cos all of them are different kind of bands... Every band has their own good things!

MN: Recommend some other cool bands - Finnish or not - we should listen to...

Anzi: There's a lot of bands in Finland but very few of them are good! You should all check out Private Line, Bleak, Silver Scream, Pain Confessor, Naked, Vanity Ink, 69 Eyes...

MN: In the fantastic, frenzied video for ‘China White' you play the guitar, what happens to that when you play live?

Anzi: I broke too many guitars; it got too expensive!

MN: What motivates and inspires your songs?

Anzi: Hate, love and being pissed off about something.

MN: Your image is very heroic poster boy/sex symbol. Are you comfortable with that attention?

Anzi: Yeah of course. I love myself!

MN: Is it fair to say your diehard fans are "Junkies"?

Anzi: Everyone with good music taste will be “junked”! There are a few diehards.

MN: Your EP ‘Suicide Angels' is available to order online. What's your plan now? Is an album on the way?

Anzi: We're looking for a record deal. I'm writing new songs and in autumn we're going to the studio. There will also be some gigs in summer.

MN: And finally, you've attracted a lot of interest via My Space but when on earth will your official website be ready? …

Anzi: Soon! (laughs)

Stereo Junks! taste “spicy and electric” according to Mr Destruction. Enjoy a good nibble at